New fai Update seams to breaks my build.

Andreas Schockenhoff ASchockenhoff at
Sat Mar 6 19:20:29 CET 2021


Am 06.03.2021 um 18:16 schrieb Thomas Lange:
>      > I find the real problem fai-setup generates a /etc/exports
>      > file with newline in the export entry.
> This is bug 984602. See
> I've made a change in fai-setup to determine the IP of the first
> interface, but this seems to fail with multiple interfaces
> Can you please provide the output of this command:
> ip -br ad show | awk '{print $3}'

yes that produce the wrong output.
> Which is the expected interface you want to use in /etc/exports?


My faiserver runs with fai-kvm and fai-mk-network.

fai-diskimage creates the fai-server, with this fai server I install a
new computer with gnome und fai und kvm that creates a fai-server with
fai-diskimage .... :-)

Unfortunately in the moment many things are quick and dirty.

I want to have a quick linux debug client like Finnix but instead of
live system I will have a quick reinstall over different ways .....

I started with FAIme and my old fai experience helped. :-)

> A workaround is to set the variable SERVERINTERFACE in
> /etc/fai/nfsroot.conf. See nfsroot.conf(5)

Because fai is so flexible I have more workarounds as I need. :-)

regards Andreas


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