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Jules Guidry jules at
Fri Sep 18 21:32:38 CEST 2020

(Apologies if this generates a duplicate message--I just saw the message that you must be subscribed to submit to the mailing list and wasn't sure my last message actually went through)

I'm attempting to use an ISO generated by the fai-cd command (in fact,
the same command listed in the FAI Guide:
but the client is unable to find the server.

- Client and server are on the same subnet, and client can ping the server

- fai-monitor on the server does not produce any error messages

- confirmed the default port is open with fai-monitor running on the server.

Can anyone suggest where I should look next to troubleshoot this issue?
I found an older thread on this mailing list with the same issue (linked
below) but the response on that didn't clarify anything for me; the
option referenced only changes the IP configuration of the client as far
as I can tell, and I don't believe that this is an issue with the DHCP
lease being provided to the client. Is there something I'm missing in
that post?
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