Autodiscover.iso - No servers found

Thomas Lange lange at
Mon Sep 21 11:23:54 CEST 2020

Hi Jules,

Are the network parameters shown by the autodiscover ISO correct?
It executes this line:
echo "Scanning $iprange for FAI server (port $FAI_MONITOR_PORT)"

Please check the IP range and the port. Then the autodiscover scripts
do a nmap to get the list of possible FAI servers.

You can also check if the fai-monitor is problery running from another

echo "VARIABLE FAI_VERSION" | nc ip_of_server 4711

This should output the FAI version number.

echo "VARIABLE NFSROOT" | nc ip_of_server 4711
Should output the path of the nfsroot.

echo "VARIABLE FAI_CONFIG_SRC" | nc ip_of_server 4711
Should output the URL for the config space.

regards Thomas

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