Wifi in nfsroot

Thomas Lange lange at cs.uni-koeln.de
Wed Apr 8 22:35:49 CEST 2020

    > Is it possible to weave a working WiFi setup into the NFSROOT? Like  
    > having network-manager, wpasupplicant and one system-wide wifi  
    > connection setup for Network Manager?
I had the same question from another FAI user before. But they wanted
a generic Wifi in an early boot stage (inside the initrd).

It's easy to put the packages into the nfsroot.
It's harder to get the wifi running, but it may be easy, if you know
the wifi parameters beforehand.
Currently we do not use systemd during FAI installation. We start
serveral daemons inside the fai script.

So you have to write a hook that will start all additional daemons
needed and then set up the wifi connection.

regards Thomas

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