Dual FAI Configurations

Itamar Gal itamarggal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 16:53:36 CET 2018

Dear FAI Users:

I'm running into various issues using FAI on a system (an FAI install
server) which is being managed by a couple of other system
administrators. I want to experiment with the configuration without
disturbing the production configuration.

My thought was to replicate the FAI configuration files inside of my
~/local directory and set the relevant FAI environment variables to
point to sub-directories of ~/local. Is there a way to do this safely?
If so, which variables do I need to set in my ~/local/etc/fai/fai.conf
file in order to be certain that I don't cause issues for anyone else?
There are a few FAI install clients that I have been given for this
purpose, so it's alright for me to overwrite the PXE files for those
specific hosts.


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