new versions of the FAI CD

Thomas Lange lange at
Tue Jul 4 12:42:18 CEST 2017

There a new ISO images for FAI available. They use FAI 5.3.6 and Debian
9 (aka stretch) and kernel 4.9 for installing Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu
onto your machine.

The ISO images can be for for by a CD or USB stick. You can also
install your own FAI install server using this CD.

There are three different flavor available, a small one (only
including packages for XFCE), a large one including XFCE and GNOME
packages, and a Ubuntu only edition. Additionally, there's the very
small autodiscover ISO, which can be used after you've set up your own
install server.

All ISO images for Debian 9 are available at

I still provide the old ISO images for Debian 8 (aka jessie) at

regards Thomas

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