how does FAI know how to run debootstrap?

René Bleisch accounts at
Tue Jun 30 16:39:14 CEST 2015

Hi John,
FAI is missing a basefile ( /var/lib/fai/config/basefiles/CLASS.tgz )

You should create a basefile for Ubuntu vivid as described here:


On 06/30/2015 04:30 PM, John G Heim wrote:
> During the install, FAI runs debootstrap. I am trying to install
> ubuntu vivid. It's stopping at the point where it tries to run
> debootstrap with the message  "undefined. Aborting".  I know how to
> configure debootstrap for purposes of building the nfsroot and I know
> that works (obviously) or it wouldn't get this far. In fact, I can
> type the debootstrap command myself after it drops into the shell and
> it works.
> Here are the relevant lines from the fai log. I researched the first 2
> error messages (ftar and base.tgz) and I do not think they are
> critical errors.
> Calling task_extrbase
> Unpacking Debian base archive
> ftar: No matching class found in /var/lib/fai/config/basefiles//
> No base.tgz found. Calling debootstrap.
>  undefined. Aborting

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