Proxy configuration (apt) during client installation

Christian Meyer c2h5oh at
Sun Nov 16 13:48:00 CET 2014

Hello there,

is it possible to configure an apt proxy during client installation?

My Situation:

- I'm sitting behind a companys http-proxy. Only authenticated http
requests are allowed to access companys dial-up DSL.

- The FAI-Server hosts an apt-cacher-ng proxy (due to limited
bandwidth). Acng is configured to use the companys proxy.
FAI clients use this acng proxy to install (NFSROOT) or update
(/etc/apt/...) Debian installation.
They don't need to know the companys username or password - this is
really good.

- When I want to reinstall the server with a previously self generated
CD - of course - there is no acng proxy available.

- FAIs Server class can be configured via
FAI-CONFIG/files/etc/apt/apt.conf/00proxy/SERVER but that is for the
real system - not for the initial installation.

Is there a way to change the NFSROOT/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00proxy (which
lives on FAI-CD) during initial CD installation of the server?
Something like:
Class Server? -> use http://user:pass@company-proxy:8080
Class Client? -> keep using http://faiserver:3142

Christian Meyer

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