does ARM Server also support FAI

Thomas Lange lange at
Thu Feb 21 10:45:27 CET 2013

>>>>> On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 03:56:01 +0000, <Sam.Chien at> said:

    > I have several ARM Servers (SOC is Marvell armadaxp CPU) in my lab that already install the Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10
    > I try to use FAI to install the others ARM Server.

    > “exec run-init /root /sbin/init vPhoneConfig --no-log
    > udevd[631]: starting version 175”

    > May I know this fail is come from “live-initramfs was not installed” or no
Which FAI version do you use? Recent version use dracut instead of
live-initramfs. But I guess these problems are because you are using
Ubuntu. When trying a new architecture please use Debian, so you make
sure your problems do not come from using Ubuntu. Ubuntu and FAI is
not running smoothly all the time and I myself cannot give any Ubuntu

    > And does FAI support ARM server or no?
I never tried this, but in the past FAI was used on very different
architectures with success (like PowerPC, Itanium, Sparc). There are
some part that may be architecture specific. First PXE boot. Some
architectures do not support PXE boot, but ARM seems to do
so. Partitioning the hard disk (different disk labels like DOS, GPT,
SPARC,...) is another part that may need some enhancement in FAI. But
since we support DOS and GPT disklabel, ARM should be no problem. The
last part is configuring the boot loader. I guess ARM is using uboot
most of the time, and currently there's no configuration script in FAI
for uboot. But this should not be a problem.

Once again, please use FAI and Debian. This will cause much less
problems when using FAI on a new architecture. If you have any
problems, join #fai on irc or just post a mail, I'm happy to help you
installing ARM machines with FAI.
regards Thomas

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