does ARM Server also support FAI

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Fri Feb 22 04:00:22 CET 2013

Thanks very march Thomas.

>>>>> On Thu Feb 21 10:45:27 CET 2013 Thomas wrote:

   >> I have several ARM Servers (SOC is Marvell armadaxp CPU) in my lab that already install the Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10

   >> I try to use FAI to install the others ARM Server.

   >> “exec run-init /root /sbin/init vPhoneConfig --no-log

   >> udevd[631]: starting version 175”

   >> May I know this fail is come from “live-initramfs was not installed” or no

> Which FAI version do you use? Recent version use dracut instead of

> live-initramfs. But I guess these problems are because you are using

> Ubuntu. When trying a new architecture please use Debian, so you make

> sure your problems do not come from using Ubuntu. Ubuntu and FAI is

> not running smoothly all the time and I myself cannot give any Ubuntu

> support.

 Currently my FAI version is “FAI 3.4.8ubuntu3, 31 Jul 2012”

 I will try to sue dracut instead of live-initramfs to check it work or no

 May I know how to get dracut packages?

 I am not sure the Debian has supported the Marvell armadaxp SOC or no?

 It seems currently Ubuntu has supported the Marvell armadaxp SOC.

   >> And does FAI support ARM server or no?

> I never tried this, but in the past FAI was used on very different

> architectures with success (like PowerPC, Itanium, Sparc). There are

> some part that may be architecture specific. First PXE boot. Some

> architectures do not support PXE boot, but ARM seems to do

> so. Partitioning the hard disk (different disk labels like DOS, GPT,

> SPARC,...) is another part that may need some enhancement in FAI. But

> since we support DOS and GPT disklabel, ARM should be no problem. The

> last part is configuring the boot loader. I guess ARM is using uboot

> most of the time, and currently there's no configuration script in FAI

> for uboot. But this should not be a problem.

Yes, our ARM server boot loader uses the uBoot loader, and it also supports PXE boot.

We can use uboot PXE to do network-install-boot to install Ubuntu OS packages to the local HDD from Ubuntu repository database.

Best Regards

Sam Chien

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