Problem partitioning dual-boot

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Sat Oct 22 22:16:13 CEST 2011

Hi John,

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks Nicolas and Toomas for providing further

> I guess I'll leave it up to the FAI developers, Thomas and Michael,
> as to whether they consider this a bug and whether they want to
> pursue it further. I am willing to keep working on it but I don't
> want to waste anybody's time just because I'm doing something weird.

As the Debian installer properly manages to install a system, we should try
really hard in FAI to achieve the same.

John, may I ask you to perform the following experiment?

Could you start another install on a system with presently working Windows, but
abort the FAI install before grub or the like are installed. I'd claim that
typing Ctrl-C after setup-storage has done its work is the best way to achieve
that, but that might be harder for you. If that's the case, maybe get rid of all
grub-related references from the config space?

I'm wondering whether indeed setup-storage is at fault, or the grub install is
causing the trouble.

Oh, and upgrading to 3.4.8 from 3.4.7 should be safe. Maybe worth a try, but I'm
not sure whether there is any change related to your problem in there.

Best regards,

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