/dev/md1 is already in use. SW raid

David Dreezer dave at socialstrata.com
Mon May 2 19:54:01 CEST 2011

Hi Michael,

That command is not found in Sizes.pm. It is in Commands.pm and Exec.pm.  

dave at mg006:/usr/share/fai/setup-storage# grep assemble *
Commands.pm:  &FAI::push_command("mdadm --assemble --scan --config=$FAI::DATADIR/mdadm-from-examine.conf",
Commands.pm:	    "mdadm --assemble /dev/md$id " . join(" ", grep(!/^missing$/, @eff_devs)),
Exec.pm:    error        => "mdadm_assemble",
Exec.pm:    message      => "mdadm tried to assemble arrays but failed, ignoring as arrays might be running already\n",
Exec.pm:    program      => "mdadm --assemble --scan --config=$FAI::DATADIR/mdadm-from-examine.conf",

I'd guess I'll want to edit both at some point? It's Monday AM, I haven't time yet this morning to walk through the code and figure which one to edit :)  Haven't yet made it through my first cup of coffee :)

David Dreezer

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