/dev/md1 is already in use. SW raid

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Thu Apr 7 11:32:27 CEST 2011

Hi David,

> I have an interesting issue with one of our servers failing in the partition task. It's failing on the assemble with an error that the md is already in use
> (CMD) mdadm --assemble --scan --config=/tmp/fai/mdadm-from-examine.conf 1> /tmp/BLcvisEctM 2> /tmp/gczYIUwN4C
> Executing: mdadm --assemble --scan --config=/tmp/fai/mdadm-from-examine.conf
> Command had non-zero exit code
> (STDERR) mdadm: /dev/md1 is already in use.

I won't have much time to look into this myself before mid next week, so I'd be
grateful if you could try to figure out the following:

If an array is running already, will the above assemble-attempt fail in
precisely this way? I think it should be possible to try the following commands
after FAI has aborted on this particular server:

mdadm --stop --scan
mdadm --assemble --scan --config=/tmp/fai/mdadm-from-examine.conf
mdadm --assemble --scan --config=/tmp/fai/mdadm-from-examine.conf

where the first --assemble succeeds, whereas the second one fails. If that's the
case, we can hopefully fix that by adding the mdadm --stop --scan before doing
the assemble. (If you like, you can simply hack that in there and if it a try;
just change the mdadm --assemble ... to  mdadm --stop --scan ; mdadm --assemble

Thanks a lot in advance,

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