fai and cryptsetup

Patrick Schoenfeld patrick.schoenfeld at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 25 13:06:11 CEST 2010


due the thread Carl pointed me at I figured that it should work
this way. Thanks for your mail anyway.

On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 11:47:33AM +0200, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> Which version of FAI are you using? Current versions even include a
> luks/cryptsetup example in the man page!?

I'm currently using the packages from the experimental repository:

schoenfeld at homer ~ % dpkg -l|grep fai
ii  fai-client                           4.0~beta2+experimental11
Fully Automatic Installation client package
ii  fai-quickstart                       4.0~beta2+experimental11
Fully Automatic Installation quickstart pack
ii  fai-server                           4.0~beta2+experimental11
Fully Automatic Installation server package
ii  fai-setup-storage                    4.0~beta2+experimental11
automatically prepare storage devices

> I haven't used the cryptsetup part myself, but IMHO something like the following
> should do the trick:

My configuration currently looks like this:

disk_config disk1 fstabkey:uuid disklabel:msdos bootable:1
primary      /boot    250       ext3    rw
primary      -        20%-25%   -       -
primary      -        70%-75%   -       -

disk_config cryptsetup
luks         -        /dev/sda2 -       -

disk_config lvm
            vg   lisa_sys sda2
swap        swap    RAM:100%    swap    defaults
root        /       1G          ext3    rw,errors=remount-ro
usr         /usr    8G          ext3    defaults
var         /var    4G          ext3    defaults
tmp         /tmp    1G          ext3    defaults
root-home   /root   5G          ext3    defaults
home        /home   60G         ext3    defaults

disk_config lvm
            vg   lisa_unencrypted sda3
lenny        -       2G        -       -
lenny-x32    -       2G        -       -
sid          -       2G        -       -
sid-x32      -       2G        -       -
squeeze      -       2G        -       -
squeeze-x32  -       2G        -       -

Unfortunately setup-storage fails on that configuration with the
"Encryted entry invalid in this context"
No more information included in the message and btw. yes,
the typo is included in the message ;)

Any idea? Do I miss an obvious mistake in the configuration above?
(I'm currently looking into understanding the setup-storage source
but I'm not yet understanding it enough to see why this message is

Thanks and Best Regards

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