formatting issue or bug? re: dialog in fai

Shadow Roldan sroldan at
Tue Dec 7 02:44:26 CET 2010


Have used FAI for many moons, am now trying to extend functionality to even more automation. Yay for automation.

Basing my work on previous discussions:

I have been attempting to insert dialog's into my fai process to handle hostname, ip and class assignment

I have a need for checklist driven output for defining classes and have written:

#! /bin/sh
dialog --title "FAI" --nocancel --checklist "Choose the type of installation:" 20 60 7 \
base "Base Install" off \
GRUB "Configures GRUB" off \
apt "adds iWin custom apt repo" off \
console "Redirects standard output to console" off \
lb "Sets up 2nd NIC for Load Balancer" off \
db-diskconfig "iWin Base DB Disk Config" off \
chef "deploys chef client and registers" off \
tomcat "Installs Base Tomcat" off 2>$tmp
# clear
    # define the new class
  catnc `cat $tmp`
   rm -f $tmp
   dialog --title "FAI Hostname Input" --inputbox "Input desired hostname:" 10 30 2>$tmphostname 1>/dev/console
   hostname -F $tmphostname
   dialog --title "FAI IP Input" --inputbox "Input desired IP Address:" 10 30 2>$ip 1>/dev/console

The above, when broken into it's smaller parts and run from the shell works just fine. However, when FAI encounters the --checklist it appears to skip right over it. It almost appear as if something is sending a carriage return and pushing past to the next menu.  Hard to determine.

My question is:
Has anyone gotten dialog --checklist working inside FAI? If so, would you mind sending me your config so  I can try to see if it is simply a formatting issue? If not... Can someone confirm they can get it working as I have a sneaking suspicion I'm running into a bug

Thanks very much FAI community

Shadow Roldan

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