setting hostname manually?

Ben Willcox ben.willcox at
Thu Feb 2 11:32:59 CET 2006

Thomas Wuppermann wrote:

> Question:
> I There a way to tell FAI the hostname of the client to install (reverse DNS isn't configured)? perhaps interactively?

Yes, I do this with a menu which I use to enter a static IP address and 
hostname to the client. It was discussed on this list a while ago, but 
it works like this:

in ./class I have a file 01menu:

     dialog --title "FAI (Fully Automatic Installation)" \
     --menu "Choose the type of installation:" 15 64 6 \
     SCOREBOARD "Scoreboard Plasma Controller" \
     SCORING "Judges scoring control laptops" \
     2>$tmp 1>/dev/console


    # define the new class
    catnc `cat $tmp`
     rm -f $tmp

     dialog --title "FAI" --inputbox "Input desired hostname:" 10 30 
2>$tmphostname 1>/dev/console
         hostname -F $tmphostname

         dialog --title "FAI" --inputbox "Input desired IP Address:" 10 
30 2>$ip 1>/dev/console

Then I have <CLASSNAME>.VAR:
HOSTNAME=`catnc /tmp/hostname`
IPADDR=`catnc /tmp/ip`

And it just works.


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