Menus and classes problem

Ben Willcox ben.willcox at
Mon Sep 26 15:02:43 CEST 2005

Hello All,

I'm having a little difficulty with my latest project using FAI, and I 
hope someone can help me. I want to boot my clients using FAI, and 
select from a menu the type of machine I want to build, and enter it's 

To do this, I have modified the sample 30menu.sources from the example 
as follows:

> #! /bin/sh
> tmp=/tmp/menu
> tmphostname=/tmp/hname
>     dialog --title "FAI (Fully Automatic Installation)" \
>     --menu "Choose the type of installation:" 15 64 6 \
>     SCOREBOARD "Scoreboard Plasma PC"\
>     demo "Demo host" BEOMASTER "Beowulf master node" 2>$tmp 1>/dev/console
>     clear
>     # define the new class
>     newclasses=`cat $tmp`
>     rm -f $tmp
>     dialog --title "Choose hostname:"\
>     --inputbox "Enter the desired hostname:" 15 64  2>$tmphostname 1>/dev/console
>     hostname -F $tmphostname
>     rm -f $tmphostname

This gives me the menu option so I can choose SCOREBOARD as my machine, 
type  and enter the hostname which sets the hostname using the 
'hostname' command.
The list of all classes at install time is:


Which shows that it's picking up the menu selection OK. (The 192 entry 
is another problem, as FAI seems to assign the hostname as a class 
(which is the first part of the IP if the hostname is not set) before my 
30menu.sources is run, but that's not important for me right now).

My problem is that the file fai/classes/SCOREBOARD contains a list of 
other classes including SMALL_IDE, but this is not shown in the list of 
classes at install, so obviously it fails.

Presumably I am missing something here but I can't work out what it is?


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