cryptsetup problems

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Fri Dec 3 23:54:08 CET 2010


> I’m using FAI trunk as of today morning and have problems with
> cryptsetup. Apparently, it doesn’t recognise that I already had
> a /boot filesystem set up but only at the fstab creation phase.
> (Furthermore, how do I use disk1 partition 2,3,4 instead of
> hardcoding /dev/sda – which may very well change?)

Let me postpone the /boot problem for a second; for the more generic encoding of
"partition 2 of disk1" please use the syntax disk1.2 (and disk1.3, disk1.4,

> Configuration and debugging output attached.


Thanks a lot for sending the debug output, that was pretty helpful: I think your
problem should already be solved in the experimental builds. Would you be
willing to give 4.0~beta2+experimental43 another try? Please see

for the respective URL. I'll soon merge the necessary patch into trunk, I just
did some cleanup a few hours ago and any testing will speed up its migration
into trunk :-)

Thank a lot,

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