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Fri Dec 3 16:33:01 CET 2010


I’m using FAI trunk as of today morning and have problems with
cryptsetup. Apparently, it doesn’t recognise that I already had
a /boot filesystem set up but only at the fstab creation phase.
(Furthermore, how do I use disk1 partition 2,3,4 instead of
hardcoding /dev/sda – which may very well change?)

Configuration and debugging output attached.

A bit of introduction: we (tarent GmbH) _may_, if it proves
usable, use FAI to set up our next generation employee work-
stations (desktop, laptop) and I’m working on that, got a
crash course today and will attend an intensive course with
Thomas later (we think).

Thanks in advance,
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#disk_config disk1 disklabel:msdos bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
disk_config /dev/sda disklabel:msdos bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid

primary /boot 256 ext2 defaults,errors=remount-ro createopts="-L boot -m 0" tuneopts="-c 0 -i 0"
primary - 1024-2048 - -
primary - 8192-16384 - -
primary - 1024- - -

disk_config tmpfs

tmpfs /tmp	1024 defaults

disk_config cryptsetup

swap swap	/dev/sda2 swap defaults
luks /		/dev/sda3 ext3 defaults createopts="-L root -m 3" tuneopts="-c 0 -i 0"
luks /home	/dev/sda4 ext3 defaults createopts="-L home -m 1" tuneopts="-c 0 -i 0"
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