Patching kernel with aufs (riding a dead horse?)

Carsten Aulbert carsten at
Thu May 7 16:41:57 CEST 2009


Michael Prokop schrieb:
> The initramfs includes aufs? (Rebuilding the initramfs in case of
> question is always a good idea ;))

I rebuilt it, but if they are coming with an external package I probably
have missed that, i.e. not a chance for the poor kernel to mount that.
My fault, sorry.

> How does /proc/cmdline and /proc/mounts look like?
> Step into debugging using the break= bootoption (like for example
> break=live-bottom).

I could try that again if you want to get the results, right now I'm
using the Ubuntu jaunty server kernel which has aufs build in.

> PS: Using a digicam to make a screenshot is a good idea to avoid
> confusing typos. :)

Yeah, I was to lazy to go back into my office. See my other email, there
you can see two bad screen shot with the digicam - unfortunately it's
too cheap. Without a flash light I was not able to get  good image, may
I propose the name "Tattergreis" as the successor of
"Schluchtenscheisser" ;)?



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