Ubuntu FAI behind ftp_proxy (squid)

mettler at gmit-gmbh.de mettler at gmit-gmbh.de
Tue Jul 7 12:35:58 CEST 2009

Thanks alot Carsten,
We are serving some commercial software via password protected ftp and
can't give it away  - so there are several "policies" involved ;)

Thoughts about mirroring them via http are emerging ;)
But that will take some time.

The questions is:
When I use /etc/environment or /etc/bash.bashrc to export
environment-variables INSIDE the chroot they are not always respected when
using $ROOTCMD or using install_packages.

What would be the right place to put these?
How to set up an environment variable that will be used by install_packages?

Or how to modify the install_packages' $root_cmd without editing the
script itself? if there is no other way.


> Hi
> mettler at gmit-gmbh.de wrote:
>> That would have been a good workaround for the Ubuntu packages.
>> But we are providing our own software via FTP-Servers.
>> So i needed to set up both: ftp_proxy and http_proxy
> I tend to think to stand up an http server for those should be easy, but
> then I don't know if you administer these servers yourself.
> What I would do is to mirror those packages into a private repo whcih
> you can thn access directly via ftp or http if possible. But then I
> don't know what kind of policies are other problems might stop you from
> doing that.
> Carsten

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