Ubuntu FAI behind ftp_proxy (squid)

Holger Parplies wfai at parplies.de
Tue Jul 7 14:56:07 CEST 2009


mettler at gmit-gmbh.de wrote on 2009-07-07 10:30:29 +0200 [Ubuntu FAI behind ftp_proxy (squid)]:
> In our network we have no gateway and no DNS server.
> All internet access is done via a Squid-proxy.
> So we need to proxy ftp over http.
> [...]
> In a running system we could just add the proxy settings like this:
> /etc/environment or /etc/bash.basrh
> ftp_proxy=
> http_proxy=
> and use 'apt-get update'
> But that did not work inside the chroot during installation ;(
> So we had to set ROOTCMD via a .var file to:
> ---
> ROOTCMD="chroot $target /usr/bin/env http_proxy=
> ftp_proxy=
> ---

why not simply set http_proxy and ftp_proxy in the .var file? That way they
should end up in the environment. Or is there a reason they can only be in
the environment inside the chroot?

Hope that helps.


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