FAI-3.2.16 and Broadcom-Ethernet/PXE/DHCP-problem with ipconfig

Dirk Geschke dirk at lug-erding.de
Tue Jan 27 08:52:11 CET 2009

Hi Thomas,

> We have seen the same thing at my company where the system freezes in the init scripts at ipconfig.
> What was actually happening we found was that ipconfig was waiting for a dhcp response on an ethernet interface that was not actually plugged in.  The live scripts in the initrd are flawed in that they do not use ipconfig properly within do_netmount() function, as they do not pass the timeout argument, so ipconfig likely tries the first network interface and waits regaurdless of a timeout.

yes and no. The problem is definitively ipconfig but the device eth0
is plugged in and I can see the dhcp traffic. But it seems that ipconfig
is ignoring this. Strange enough: It was already using the IP address
for TFTP.

What I do not understand is: Why are they using ipconfig and why is
there no manual page for this program? More funny: If you search
with google for "linux ipconfig" you find all pages with "ifconfig",
too. Strange...

Deep in the debian bugzilla I found a remark that there could be a
problem with ipconfig if the broadcom card is already using an IP

Maybe I will find a solution for this problem, a timeout (I guess 
this is the -t option) does not work so far, it still stops there.

Best regards


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