FAI-3.2.16 and Broadcom-Ethernet/PXE/DHCP-problem with ipconfig

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Tue Jan 27 01:59:58 CET 2009

We have seen the same thing at my company where the system freezes in the init scripts at ipconfig.
What was actually happening we found was that ipconfig was waiting for a dhcp response on an ethernet interface that was not actually plugged in.  The live scripts in the initrd are flawed in that they do not use ipconfig properly within do_netmount() function, as they do not pass the timeout argument, so ipconfig likely tries the first network interface and waits regaurdless of a timeout.

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Subject: FAI-3.2.16 and Broadcom-Ethernet/PXE/DHCP-problem with ipconfig
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Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 11:43 AM

Hi all,

probably this is a known bug but I can't find an easy solution
so far...

I started to setup FAI on amd64 but the "normal" Debian version
from stable aka etch was too buggy but at least it worked with
a lot of adjusting of scripts...

Now I started with lenny and FAI-3.2.16 but the client installation
stops during boot via PXE/TFTP/DHCP where ipconfig is called. The
last line is something with IP-Config followed from two status
lines of eth0/tg3.

I think the call of ipconfig within the initrd causes the trouble.

  Is there already a solution for this problem available? 

Best regards


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