FAI-3.2.16 and Broadcom-Ethernet/PXE/DHCP-problem with ipconfig

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Tue Jan 27 12:37:38 CET 2009

>>>>> On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 08:52:11 +0100, Dirk Geschke <dirk at lug-erding.de> said:

    > yes and no. The problem is definitively ipconfig but the device eth0
    > is plugged in and I can see the dhcp traffic. 
Which DHCP server do you use? IIRC there was this problem that some
DHCP replied in a strange way, which ipconfig can not read.

ipconfig has no man page, but a README describing the option is
included in the sources. Have a look at the sources of the klibc-utils

    > is ignoring this. Strange enough: It was already using the IP address
    > for TFTP.
This may be the TFTP request from the network card itself (for
receiving the linux kernel and initrd). But after this the kernel and
the initrd is requesting the IP address again.

P.S. If your machine is connected to a CISCO switch, this may also
cause problems. If the autonegotiation (maybe also the spanning tree
thing /fastport attribute) takes too long, the linux kernel may want
to reset the network device before it tries to use it again.

regards Thomas

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