launchpad and fai for ubuntu 8.10 (both server and client)

Adrian Gibanel Lopez agibanel at
Thu Jan 15 21:50:23 CET 2009

> same applies here. I'd suggest that for each distrorelease we maintain a
> separate branch. if you are unsure, publish it under your own namespace,
> any team member can merge your work into the team branches.
Ok. I see. I will be able to use a personal space for both files and code.
That's ok for me. I'll try to learn on how Launchpad does work for these
two tasks in the next days.
> I'm on VAC until next week, I'll have a look at your patches after that.
That's a great piece of news!
> thanks for your work on fai on ubuntu!
You are welcome. I have to finish my thesis before February this is why I
could not wait for someone with more experience to do the work ;).

> Gruesse/greetings,
> Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

See you,

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