Update Debian offline repository on FAI CD (or USB stick)

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at thalesgroup.com
Fri Aug 14 10:52:43 CEST 2009

Hi Henning,

> I don't exactly understand the  connection between the first and last
> sentence. Ho are having the need for 5 more packages and having a full
> mirror connected - there might be missing just a single explaining sentence?

I do not have a repository on a server as you may have thought. I am
just talking about the CD-ROM-.iso that is provided by the FAI project.
More precisely, I have created a bootable USB stick with the content of
the FAI-.iso, as described in the FAIwiki at

So, what I do have available is all the packages on the CD-ROM (or the
USB stick). What I don't have available is an Internet connection or any
other network resources while setting up a FAI server. Unfortunately,
all my development machines that have Internet access (for setting up a
repository simply to create a FAI CD from there) are RedHat Enterprise
-- what make my job a little bit more difficult to set up a Debian repo.
That's why I try this uncomfortable, probably lazy way to add packages
to the CD directly.


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