Update Debian offline repository on FAI CD (or USB stick)

Henning Sprang henning at sprang.de
Sun Aug 16 17:27:40 CEST 2009

Peter Bittner wrote:
> So, what I do have available is all the packages on the CD-ROM (or the
> USB stick). What I don't have available is an Internet connection or any
> other network resources while setting up a FAI server.

Sorry, but I still don't really get excatly enough what you are trying
to do there, so I have a hard time to give you a solution. It seems you
have made a working fai-cd _once_ and now, you want to update it, but on
a machine without any network access, so, if possible, you want to
download only a small number of packages and only update these ad
recreate the iso?

Could you start again, from the beginning, and try to explain what you
want to do, what your situation is?

> Unfortunately,
> all my development machines that have Internet access (for setting up a
> repository simply to create a FAI CD from there) are RedHat Enterprise
> -- what make my job a little bit more difficult to set up a Debian repo.

If you have enugh disk space, you can make a full mirror with rsync.

Another solution could be setup a virtualized Debian system on a redhat

> That's why I try this uncomfortable, probably lazy way to add packages
> to the CD directly.

I'm sure there is a not too complicated solution, but for now I think
the biggest problem for me is really get the picture right. And then,
it's likely that all the fiddling is really too complicated and error
prone - as opposed to just fire up a debian system on a redhat machine
with virtualbox/xen/vserver, or in a chroot - and run
fai-mirror/apt-proxy/fai-cd from there.


Henning Sprang
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