Update Debian offline repository on FAI CD (or USB stick)

Henning Sprang henning at sprang.de
Thu Aug 13 19:49:17 CEST 2009

Peter Bittner wrote:
> I need to add a few Debian packages to the FAI CD (or USB stick first,
> really) to have it available on the FAI server installing, which
> typically has no Internet connection. I have read about mkdebmirror and
> debmirror in the FAI documentation, but I have started to add the .deb
> files by hand since I don't want to invest in rebuilding the whole
> repository for 5 additional packages on the CD.

I don't exactly understand the  connection between the first and last
sentence. Ho are having the need for 5 more packages and having a full
mirror connected - there might be missing just a single explaining sentence?

Anyway, having a full mirror (20-30 GB are really cheap to have these
days) will really help you making new fai-mirror runs much much faster,

apt-mirror is another alternative, and apt-proxy even another one.

Starting with manual fiddling with the data created by fai-mirrors
sounds really error-prone to me.
It sould be really much faster to have a full mirror in place and always
re-run fai-mirror on a new directory.

The next best way to solve this, would be to try enhancing fai-mirror to
allow updates of the fai-mirror directory - adding new packages and
versions as they are available, and removing all those not needed
anymore (e.g. not in packages files) at the end.

But in the end, you can be nearly as fast with apt-proxy and and all you
need is already there.


Henning Sprang
+49 (0) 176 82188257

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