How to create a basic FAI CD

Henning Sprang henning at
Tue Aug 11 17:46:30 CEST 2009

Amine SALHI wrote:
>     Do you see any things that look problematic when running fai-mirror?
> running fai-mirror tells :
> /usr/bin/fai-mirror finished
> There is no warnings, no errors


> During the install process via CD, does FAI need to access the local
> mirror, or it has all the needed packages on the CD ?

No, it does not need access to the mirror, because that's what
fai-mirror is about.
It retrieves all packages needed by all the package_config files in your
configspace, and stores them in the fai-mirror directory - this is then
put onto the fai-cd.

> I'm just trying to do it with a default config.

Try that.

Other things you could try:

* try to check, if the packages that are reported to be missing do
really end up in the directory on which you point fai-mirror.
* try to run fai-mirror with verbose options and see if it's telling a
bit more
* also, mount the fai-cd and look if you find the packages there (sorry,
I don't remeber the exact path now)
* look deeper in the logfiles of the FAI installation - maybe you find
error messages earlier before the software install errors that point on
things that go wrong.

By the way, which FAI version are you using?


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