USB keyboard with ubuntu fai

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Wed Jan 17 09:57:25 CET 2007

>>>>> On Tue, 16 Jan 2007 22:24:41 -0600, Carl Caum <sleepkreep at> said:

    > I've never been able to use USB  
    > keyboards during an FAI installation.  

    > USB keyboards don't work.  I'm running fai-server version 2.10.5 with  
    > for running install kernel.  My  

    > Any ideas?

Maybe your hardware needs a different kernel module, than those which
are already loaded. You can add the kernel module to the script
class/20hwdetect.source. This is some detail of this script.

kernelmodules="rtc floppy usbkbd ide-disk ide-cd"
case $(uname -r) in
    2.4*) kernelmodules="$kernelmodules keybdev mousedev hid ide-detect isa-pnp" ;;
    2.6*) kernelmodules="$kernelmodules ehci-hcd ohci-hcd uhci-hcd usbhid usbmouse ide-generic mptspi ata_piix" ;;


regards Thomas

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