dhcpclient on diskless installation system

Michael Tautschnig tautschn at model.in.tum.de
Wed Dec 19 10:35:09 CET 2007

> Hi,
> I have problems during the installation process with my diskless fai
> system. dhcp lease time ends after 30 minutes (15 minutes lease time + 
> grace period) and some clients are too slow to end installation in this 
> time. So our dhcp-dns server deletes the host from dns service, in which 
> case the communication between the nfsroot-server and the installation 
> client fails and the installation system freezes.
> Increasing the dhcp lease time is not an option.
> So I guess I need a working dhcpclient on the diskless installation system 
> that renews the dhcp lease.
> After a short discussion with mrfai (thanks a lot) I modified the nfsroot 
> so that the initially called dhcpclient is not killed and can now renew the 
> lease. For this I modified $NFSROOT/usr/lib/fai/get-boot-info at stanza 
> get_dhcp_info. I commented out the "killall dhclient".


Does this mean that your infrastructure enforces the use of DHCP-renewals, or
could you also stick with the IP address you obtained once? In this case I'd
suggest that you build a static IP configuration from the data obtained from
DHCP (hmm, may be stupid, probably the code does this anyway).

On the other hand, your hangs: Could it be that your client gets a different IP
from DHCP at some point? I guess NFS is pretty much unhappy with that...


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