problem with storage-magic?

william Famy william.famy at
Fri Dec 14 23:16:53 CET 2007

I am testing storage-magic on multiple computer and i have a pb.

Nec computer AMD 64 3000+ 2 ide 200 G PATA disk.

The raid / does not work. ok
i change partition and I try to install a simple system.
hda1 swap
hda2 / ext3

disk_config hda

primary  swap 100        swap       sw
primary /         1000            ext3                 rw

but when i do the fai install it refuse to finish because is 
not present.
i am sure about this 2 line in hooks/partition..
# now define variable for root and boot partition and boot device
# this is necessary because we skip the original task

When i use the simple exemple with classic install (n storage magic it 
work fine)

I add the fai.log.bz2 if it can help.

Any idea? where is my error? I'm going slightly mad!!

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