solaris-fai-2.8.4 broken

Andreas Putzo andreas at
Thu Jun 16 20:42:00 CEST 2005

Hi Thomas,

On Thursday 16 June 2005 09:59, Thomas Lange wrote:
> I will not spend much time in maintaining the sunos part of FAI, since
> I'm not using it any more. If the new features of fai are not
> important to sunos, just use the old FAI version for installing
> Solaris.
I feared that :) Since i really like the new softupdate feature, i would
like to use it for solaris too. I will take another look at cfengine, but 
since i already use fai for installing, i would prefer to let fai do both 
> I also do not like to make major changes to the fai script 
> just for making sunos work again out of the box. So I prefer that you
> make the changes only to the sunos part of fai and send me the
> patches. Since IMO the sunos part of fai is not used very often, I can
> not guarantee that you patches will be applied to FAI. I already
> thought about dropping the Solaris installations.
I thought, it was ment to support sunos in 2.8, since there are solaris 
related parts in fai, but perhaps they are left from previous versions.
Anyway, meanwhile i also think it's better to keep most of the sunos part
seperated. I'll take a look, if it is possible to use softupdates for sunos 
without too much effort. It's great to install solaris with fai, though.



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