solaris-fai-2.8.4 broken

Andreas Putzo andreas at
Mon Jun 13 21:16:12 CEST 2005

Hi all,

today i tried to install solaris with fai 2.8.4, but it turned out,
that it's not working out of the box.
The start and finish script in /fai-2.8.4/sunos/ won't work, because
fai_init and other subroutines changed a lot (e.g. do_init_tasks).
The new fai script (/usr/sbin/fai) won't work with solaris, because 
jumpstart is still doing the partitioning and pkgadd stuff, so there have 
to be a start/<jumpstart>/finsh method for solaris.
I started to fix things, but i'm not sure, what the best approach is.
One could either fix /usr/sbin/fai, that it can be called two times for 
solaris installations or rewrite start, finish and subroutines-sunos to 
work again. The latter is, what i've done today. But this means, to 
take care of both scripts: fai and start/finish/subroutines-sunos.
There is also a great chance, that i got it all totally wrong :)
Comments? Hints?



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