cfengine problem

Haber, Michael michael.haber at
Thu Jun 2 17:14:26 CEST 2005

I seem to have a problem with cfengine scripts. 

In /tmp/fai/error.log  I get an error with FAIBASE/40-Misc. I copied all the scripts from the exapmles/simple folder and I'm still getting the error:
cfengine.log:FAIBASE/40-misc  FAILED  with exit code 139
fai.log:FAIBASE/40-misc  FAILED  with exit code 139
status.log:FAIBASE/40-misc  FAILED  with exit code 139

On an installed machine that has rebooted running the 40-misc script again produces the error:
test01: (CFINPUTS is set to <nothing>)
test01: Can't open file cfengine.conf

Any ideas?
I'm using fai 2.8.4 and fai-kernels 1.9.1, booting from a boot-floppy with static ip.

Mike Haber

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