Diskless parallel

Bagus Irawan Ajinagoro bagus.irawan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 06:33:04 CEST 2005

Hi All
My name is Aji

I want to make a parallel processing with a diskless processor x486
(old PC) for my thesis to get a bachelor degree (S1)

I have done the FAI-setup and Succeded on booting from the floppydisk
for  the ISA ethernet card (using SMC ultrachip 83c790qf)

I Dont want to install FAI for the client, but I want to use the
NFSroot that FAI-setup had been done to be my diskless virtual
directory for my x486 PC.

I want to Ask :

1. I want to install MPICH on the server, do i need any configuratiion
on the client ?

2. When i change the /etc/export for nfsroot from ro => rw, but i
still cannot add some thing on the client (that had been booted with
floppy using make-fai floppy), it say that it's read only, can i
change it to read and write ? please tell me how ?

3. If FAI-SETUP done everything for my diskless installation?, i know
that i can add some program to be installed to the nfsroot (I write
make-fai-nfsroot to add some program like SNMP, etc)

I'm still new in debian, FAI and linux, i learned it from 4 month ago
starting with how to install a debian, learning FAI, etc
So i'm sorry if my question confused all of u

nb : I'm Using Debian Sarge 3.1



Bagus Irawan Ajinagoro
College Student From Telecomunication College INDONESIA

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