Florian Moellers moellers at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Tue Jul 19 22:33:13 CEST 2005

Hi Tuan,

first of all, please add a subject line to your mails.

Tuan A. Tran schrieb:
> I am still a newbie.

that's how we all start ...

> 1) After installation, there are no users account in clients
>    (nodes).
because you did not add any user account *during* the
installation. You can do this by adding the correct lines into
/etc/passwd during the installation with a shell, perl or preferably
cfengine. Please read the manpages for passwd for this.

> I want to test lam and mpich but lam does not allow me to boot using
> root. I can't add user accounts from node because NFS mount is read
> only. I can change this one by adding write option in /etc/export
> but
> it seems that it is not a prefer way. Is there any way that I can
> add user account from nodes?
"Plan your installation and FAI installs your Plan" means:
Plan *every detail* of what you are going to do with the nodes, which
software to run, the users you need ... simply everything.

> 2) After installation, if I want to add a software in /usr/local,
>    what
> should I do so that, from a nodes, I can also run the new software?
there is as always more than one way to do it. you can install the
software on the server and mount /usr/local on the nodes. or use the
fai softupdate functionality.


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