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Wed Jul 20 14:54:09 CEST 2005

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On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 11:33:04AM +0700, Bagus Irawan Ajinagoro wrote:
> Hi All
> My name is Aji
> I want to make a parallel processing with a diskless processor x486
> (old PC) for my thesis to get a bachelor degree (S1)

Okay, documentation is coming our way!

  Before you can do parallel processing 
  you have to some system administration.

  And where it is a thesis, it means it has to be documented.

> I have done the FAI-setup and Succeded on booting from the floppydisk
> for  the ISA ethernet card (using SMC ultrachip 83c790qf)
> I Dont want to install FAI for the client, but I want to use the
> NFSroot that FAI-setup had been done to be my diskless virtual
> directory for my x486 PC.
> I want to Ask :
> 2. When i change the /etc/export for nfsroot from ro => rw, but i
> still cannot add some thing on the client (that had been booted with
> floppy using make-fai floppy), it say that it's read only, can i
> change it to read and write ? please tell me how ?

Conquer the server-clientsss concept.

Let me explain:

 When server and clientsss are not working together,
 the error can be at the server side, client side or inbetween.

Allowing at server side write for clients,
does not mean that the client is aware of having write permission.

  I gues that you have at client side
  to remount the root file system writable

> 3. If FAI-SETUP done everything for my diskless installation?, i know
> that i can add some program to be installed to the nfsroot (I write
> make-fai-nfsroot to add some program like SNMP, etc)

Elaborate that question. Tell us what you want to achive
and what your results where on achiving it.

> I'm still new in debian, FAI and linux, i learned it from 4 month ago
> starting with how to install a debian, learning FAI, etc
> So i'm sorry if my question confused all of u

No worries Mate, we all started as newbies.
I took me a long time before I encountered
Being part of community that you can't see is strange.
The great trick is being a good member of it.

> nb : I'm Using Debian Sarge 3.1
> THANX :p

I hope it was helpfull.
The thing I am telling is that documentation is important.
Having the tools available (and documented) 
means more time for interresting things as parallel processing.

> Regrads
> Bagus Irawan Ajinagoro
> College Student From Telecomunication College INDONESIA

Geert Stappers

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