fai2.6.2, simple examples

Holger Levsen fai at layer-acht.org
Mon Sep 13 15:23:11 CEST 2004


I would like to be able to build my FAICONFIGDIR upon the simple examples, in 
other words, I would like the simple examples to be the FAI default CONFIGDIR 
on top I can add my changes.

What's your opinion on that ? If you agree, I would prepare the needed patches 
against fai2.6.2.

To be able to use the simple examples as a default starting point, I would 
like to see these small changes:

in /usr/share/doc/fai/examples/simple/

scripts/DEFAULTS/S01 has "ifclass DEMO && ..." as it's last line, which means 
it fails if DEMO is not a class.
class/LAST.var is gone, so FAI_ACTION is not set from FAICONFGIDIR anymore. 
(within the simple examples.)

package_config/DEFAULT, paragraph "PACKAGES install NETTOOLS" includes 
dhcpdump and nictools-pci - both are not available on powerpc. This is no big 
deal, as no error occurs.

But package_config/DEFAULT also installs some packages I don't want at all, 
for example rstatd - if the class FAISERVER is set, rsh-server gets installed 
as well... There are more packages, so I helped myself by adding a GENERIC 
class which removes these packages. 

Also scripts/DEFAULTS/S20 creates a roott-account and makes the floppy and 
cdrom devices usable by anybody - which are nice examples, but in my opinion 
should go inside the advanced examples.

And I want inetd's time service - like all the other - to be disabled by 
scripts/NETWORK/S10 - the fix is easy, replace 'HashCommentLinesContaining 
"daytime"' with 'HashCommentLinesContaining "time"'.


P.S: mail resent, as i've used a wrong from:-adress in my first post.

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