fai2.6.2 and powerpc

Holger Levsen fai at layer-acht.org
Mon Sep 13 15:22:40 CEST 2004

Hi Thomas, hi all!

fai2.6.2 works without any new problems on debian-sarge/powerpc. 

known problems are:
- no "official" fai-kernels_*_powerpc.deb (only on www.layer-acht.org/fai/)
- setup_harddisks doesn't work. (i use hooks at the moment)
- simples/examples/class/06hwdetect.source gives some meaningless errors and 
could be more optimized for powerpc

www.layer-acht.org/fai is outdated (woody and fai2.5.4), but i'll update it 
real soon now.


P.S: mail resent, as i've used a wrong from:-adress in my first post.

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