Setting up third party apt repositories

Thomas Lange lange at
Wed Mar 31 07:58:36 CEST 2021

>>>>> On Tue, 30 Mar 2021 18:13:52 -0400, Matthew Pounsett <matt at> said:

    > #! /bin/bash
    > error=0; trap 'error=$(($?>$error?$?:$error))' ERR # save maximum error code
    > source $target/etc/os-release
    > apt-get -y install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
If you want more executables inside the nfsroot, put the package names
into /etc/fai/NFSROOT and recreate the nfsroot.

    > I've also downloaded the apt.gpg file from the repository and placed
    > it as package_config/BIND.gpg
This is the correct way to do this.

viele Grüße Thomas

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