FAI confused by DHCP on multiple network interfaces

Steffen Grunewald steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de
Thu Mar 18 18:44:25 CET 2021

On Thu, 2021-03-18 at 18:12:56 +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
> FAI 5.10.1 includes some change in get-boot-info
> which may fix your problems. Instead of using all interfaces that are
> up, boot.log should only contain the parameters of your first NIC.
>     > Is this a known problem? How can I force the setup back to using the initial
>     > IPADDR, obtained from the DHCP/TFTP server that is used for the install?
>     > (I vaguely remember there's a way to feed this into the pxelinux.cfg file
>     > but ideally I should not need to know whether there are responses from other
>     > DHCP servers, and if there are any, they should not overwrite IPADDR - with
>     > a value identical to IP1ADDR.)
> I use IPAPPEND 6 in my pxelinux.cfg files.

Thanks for the suggestions, also to Justin - as I wrote before, I'd like
*not* to have to know beforehand whether someone has setup a DHCP server
in any of the networks connected.
I'm using fai-chboot and somehow didn't get the knack of how to add IPAPPEND
to the pxelinux.cfg file automatically, but:

For now, since I know both the server and the client IP addresses, I use
a ${HOSTNAME}.var class file to force the IPADDR of the install (eth0)
interface. This is something I can control even from home, and all machines
are set up the same, to use the primary eth interface for installation.

BTW, I'm using systemd's link configuration (systemd.link (5)) to rename the
interfaces to eth0, eth1, ... - and am still wondering how FAI manages to
get eth devices, not enp (etc.) ones...


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