preserve_* options and luks partitions

Andrew Ruthven andrew at
Thu Mar 11 10:43:31 CET 2021


We're rebuilding some servers which have some encrypted LVs using luks
for storing data. I would really like to preserve these LVs over the
rebuild without needing to modify the disk_configs and deploying my own
fstab files.

I have tried setting preserve_lazy for them, but when I test this, the
encrypted volumes are recreated. Looking in I found this:

    } elsif ($config eq "CRYPT") {
      # We don't do preserve for encrypted partitions

Which is probably what I'm running into.

It would be really nice if we could preserve encrypted LVs. I'm already
copying the keys back into place, and the partitions don't need to be
mounted for the build phase.

Is the reason that setup-storage can't just leave these volumes alone
if they already exist?


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