New fai Update seams to breaks my build.

Thomas Lange lange at
Sat Mar 6 11:10:03 CET 2021

I guess this error is important to fix:

dracut: dracut module 'livenet' cannot be found or installed.

> /etc/dracut.conf.d/12-no-systemd.conf:omit_dracutmodules+="dracut-systemd systemd systemd-initrd systemd-networkd systemd-initrd"
This line without the surounding spaces comes from an older version of fai-make-nfsroot. So I guess
there's an old FAI version used.

Check all dracut and fai package versions if they are up to date.
dracut should be 051-1 and FAI should be 5.10.

viele Grüße Thomas

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