Partition type of USB live image is now "empty"

Alexander Thomas alexander.thomas at
Fri Jan 29 17:37:49 CET 2021

On Thu, 28 Jan 2021 at 19:03, Alexander Thomas
<alexander.thomas at> wrote:
> Correction: the above is wrong. Even with the third partition added,
> one still cannot use anything else than 0 for the first partition
> type, or the Windows partitioning tool will still get confused. Doing
> this after Windows has extended the third partition, is safe (which is
> how I tested it before, which made me believe it would work).

Another update: forget about it, this doesn't work anymore in Windows
10 which seems to have become more strict about partitioning and
treats all variations on the new ISO format as unknown. Curiously
though, it happily mounts the partitions in explorer, including the
EFI partition, but the partitioning tool just says no.
Since most of the people writing the sticks will be using Windows, I
guess we'll have to give up on the idea of adding a writable partition
to the installer medium and just require a separate stick.


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