Some troubles with grub with buster point release 10.8

Thomas Lange lange at
Tue Feb 9 16:08:56 CET 2021

I like to summarized the grub-pc problem the new point release 10.8
introduced to FAI users.

If you have installed a computer with grub-pc (grub EFI is not
affected), FAI installed grub into the MBR of the boot disk(s), but
it did not wrote the debconf variable grub-pc/install_devices.
After the last point release the grub-pc package complains about this
and you have to fix it interactively, so no unattended installations
are possible any more.

There are two fixes, one for new installation, one how to fix
exisiting installation.

If you want to install a new machine from
scratch with FAI just get the new version of the GRUB_PC/10-setup

To fix exisiting FAI installation you can use the script from

This will detect which device(s) hold a grub MBR and add the list of
devices to the debconf variable like this:

* grub-pc/install_devices: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-INTEL_SSDSC2CW120A3_CVCV249103KG120BGN

You can check if this variable is set by
$ debconf-show grub-pc| grep install_devices:

Thanks to Carsten for seeing this problem and writing the first
version of the script.
viele Grüße Thomas

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