Some troubles with grub with buster point release 10.8

Carsten Aulbert carsten.aulbert at
Mon Feb 8 11:58:25 CET 2021

On 08.02.21 11:43, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> Doesn't Colin suggest to use a _space_ separated list?
> (Apparently commas are harmless in this context?)

yeah, but the output on manually changed machines had `, ` as a 
separator and debconf-devel says:

     A choice between one of a number of values. The choices must be 
specified in a field named 'Choices'. Separate the possible values with 
commas and spaces, like this:

Choices: yes, no, maybe

     Like the select data type, except the user can choose any number of 
items from the choices list (or choose none of them).


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