Building a multi-OS install ISO image?

Stefan Möding s.moeding at
Sat Nov 28 09:42:02 CET 2020


Thomas Lange <lange at> writes:

> I would call fai-mirror twice. First create a Debian mirror in
> /tmp/mirror/debian, then an Ubuntu mirror /tmp/mirror/ubuntu. Later
> call fai-cd -m /tmp/mirror. You have to adjust the sources.list (one
> for Debian, one for Ubuntu) for the installation

Ah, ok.  I will have a look what needs to be done for this.  Thanks!

> I still do not know a tool which creates a CenOS package mirror from a
> list of package names.

Isn’t rinse already doing the heavy lifting in donwloading all specified
packages?  Createrepo then creates the metadata for a directory full of
existing RPMs:

> Do you know the feature of showing a menu with the list of profiles?
> It looks like this:

Yes, I already have a customized menu.

> No. The fai-cd command always includes the whole config space. It
> cannot select which files/classes/profile to include.

I was planning to copy my config space to a temporary directory, remove
the unneeded files and then reference this temporary copy when building
the CD image.  I’m scripting the CD build process, so there would be
possibility to do this.  But it looks simpler to go for one CD including
everything so there is no need to mess around with a temporary copy.

Thanks for your help!


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