Building a multi-OS install ISO image?

Thomas Lange lange at
Fri Nov 27 21:25:31 CET 2020

>>>>> On Fri, 27 Nov 2020 20:06:13 +0100, Stefan Möding <s.moeding at> said:

    > Idea 1: have only one CD image and use profiles to select the OS to
    > install

    > Is this doable?

    > It seems that fai-mirror can only create a mirror for one
    > OS.
    > Debian and Ubuntu have multiple packages using the same name and
    > trying to put both operating systems into the same mirror directory does
    > not seem to work.
Yes, but you can create a Debian and an Ubuntu mirror in different
locations. Then you only have to adjust the sources.list used during
the installation. And fai-cd can only specify one directory for the mirror.

I would call fai-mirror twice. First create a Debian mirror in
/tmp/mirror/debian, then an Ubuntu mirror /tmp/mirror/ubuntu. Later
call fai-cd -m /tmp/mirror. You have to adjust the sources.list (one
for Debian, one for Ubuntu) for the installation

    > How about a non-Debian mirror?  Is there any documentation about creating
    > a CentOS mirror usable with fai-cd?
I still do not know a tool which creates a CenOS package mirror from a
list of package names.

    > Idea 2: use one CD image for one OS but use profiles to configure options

    > I want to use profiles to decide if the machine should have the Puppet
    > agent and configuration added during installation.  I already have this
    > working for VMs where I can add the class to the kernel commandline for
    > a specific node.  I would like to avoid an additional CD image for this
    > and it looks that profiles could be the way to ask the user about this.
Do you know the feature of showing a menu with the list of profiles?
It looks like this:

    > It seems that all profiles in the config space are included in the image.
    > Is there an easy way to include one set of profiles for a Debian CD and
    > another set of profiles for an Ubuntu CD?
You could create two different config spaces which only include
certain information.

    > I'm thinking about creating a temporary copy of the config space and
    > include that after removing the unneeded profiles.  I am missing something
    > here?
No. The fai-cd command always includes the whole config space. It
cannot select which files/classes/profile to include.

regards Thomas

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